British Dakotas

A lot of my summers were spent in the Isle of Man and a fair proportion of that time was spent with a copy of Civil Aircraft Markings at Ronaldsway Airport. Viscounts, Heralds, F-27s and Ambassadors all contributed to the scene but it was the rich array of Dakotas which took my interest. My Father had flown in them in India during WW2, my first ever flight was to Dublin on a Hibernian Dakota and I went on to work holidays with that famous Dakota operator, Skyways. The IoM visitors ranged from British United (CI) Airways, Dan-Air, Strathair and Hibernian to Martin Baker’s private C-47, G-APML. Over the years, i have had links with many Dakotas and our associated stories are detailed in the British Dakotas sub-menu.

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