The Biafran Airlift

The Biafran airlift took place in the final days of the 1960s and represented the Indian Summer of the great propliners. Constellations, DC-6s, DC-7s, C-97s, DC-4s, C-46s and C-47s could be found lined-up at the offshore islands of Fernando Poo and Sao Tome and touching down at the upgraded section of highway known as Uli Airstrip. The cast of players could be broadly split into two sections: gun runners and relief operators. The story of this, the World’s greatest civilian airlift, is brilliantly told in Michael I. Draper’s book ‘Shadows’, published by Hikoki.

The following threads detail three of the participants which I ran in to following their decommissioning. As with many wars, a lot of action was compressed into a surprisingly short spell of time.

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